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The Dance Express in Arlington Heights, IL has photo galleriesfeaturing our dance performances and recitals. We have a variety ofdifferent photos of performances as well as classes we offer and ourlesson rooms.

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Class Descriptions

Students in all classes are given the proper terminology, technique, and individual attention to encourage progress and creativity in a caring dance environment.

Lyrical: is a form of dance blending together Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. It is expressive and emotional, usually interpreting the lyrics or mood of a song.

Kiddiedance: introduces our youngest students to the world of dance; incorporating simple dance moves, large and small motor skills, body part recognition, and spatial concepts along with lots of props and fun music. 

Storybook Dance: uses a storybook to guide the class. Students will act/dance the plot using lots of music, props and costumes to represent themes from mermaids to royalty, animals to hula dancers.

Musical Theater: focuses on different styles of theater dance.  Learn dances from shows like West Side Story, Grease, A Chorus line, Annie, or Cats. Basic theater dance moves will also be covered for anyone interested in auditioning for musicals or shows.

Hip Hop: is a funky, hip, street style of jazz dance combining jazz fundamentals and
street phunk.

Flamenco (& Castanets): is the traditional style of Spanish dance encompassing many different forms, from Spanish Folk Dance to Classical Spanish Dance.

Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern: all focus on creating a well- rounded dancer with a solid dance foundation based on proper terminology and technique.

Class Attire & Requirements

All Classes: leotard and tights are suggested.

Ballet & Lyrical: ballet shoes (for ballet) and lyrical shoes (for lyrical) are required; skirts
are optional.

Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, & Tap: jazz shoes or jazz sneakers (for jazz and hip hop), bare feet or lyrical shoes (for modern) and tap shoes (for tap) are required. Jazz pants, bike shorts, dance shorts, etc. are optional.

Musical Theater & Flamenco: character shoes (for musical theater) and character shoes or flamenco shoes (for flamenco) are required.

Loose, baggy clothing is not allowed in any class. This includes T-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, pajama pants, etc. Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to sit down.  Teachers must be able to see body alignment, muscles, and posture. Hair must be up; secured off the face and neck.  This allows the head freedom of movement. No watches or jewelry: they are a distraction & can snag clothing.

Absolutely NO street shoes are allowed in the dance room. Dance shoes must not be worn outside! Label your belongings, including shoes. We are not responsible for
lost items.

Requirements: To enter an intermediate level class the student must complete a minimum of 2 years of beginning level class. To enter an advanced level class the student must complete a minimum of 3 years of intermediate level class. Students may request Teacher’s Consent at any time, to enter any class; however, consent will be given at the teacher’s discretion. To dance in the June recital students must be registered in class by the 1st quarter or 2nd quarter. This means before December 1st. New students registering in December WILL NEED SPECIAL PERMISSION to dance in the recital.

Although the recital is not a requirement and is completely optional, it is highly recommended as an excellent educational tool and dance experience.

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